YouTube launches exclusive advertising on more inventory


YouTube is expanding Content Takeovers, allowing brands to become exclusive advertisers across additional inventory, such as:

  • Entire creator channels.
  • Custom lineups.
  • Playlists.
  • Specific videos.

What are Content Takeovers? YouTube’s Content Takeovers grant brands exclusive control over specific inventory, ensuring that only their ads are displayed during a designated period. This solution allows brands to effectively wrap content, whether it’s entire channels or specific videos, ensuring that when viewers engage with that inventory, they are exclusively presented with ads from the chosen brand, giving that business 100% share of voice (SOV).

Capitalizing on trends. During major events like the Super Bowl, where there’s a predictable surge in interest around specific topics, brands can strategically capitalize on Content Takeovers to reach a wider audience. For instance, if Usher is performing at the Super Bowl and there’s a projected spike in interest in his music, brands can purchase a Content Takeover of Usher’s YouTube channel during that period. This tactical move ensures that any viewer tuning into Usher’s YouTube videos during the Super Bowl when demand inevitably surges will exclusively see content and ads from the sponsoring brand.

Why we care. While the Content Takeover presents a substantial opportunity to broaden reach and guarantee 100% share of voice, it is likely accompanied by a considerable price tag.

What YouTube is saying. A YouTube spokesperson told Search Engine Land:

  • “YouTube is expanding this solution with more content packages – a unique opportunity for advertisers to obtain high SOV on relevant creator channels, custom lineups, and/or playlists.”
  • “This includes owning the moment a creator releases their next big video, like Jason and Travis Kelce’s New Heights YouTube Channel – giving an advertiser 100% SOV on their channel timed to their weekly video drops.”

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Deep dive. Read YouTube’s announcement in full for more information.