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    SEO TRENDS 2020

    Digital marketing is continuously changing, so if you want to keep up with your competitors and earn more in 2020, you should pay attention to the SEO trends in 2020.

    Here are the lists of 2020 SEO trends to pay attention to

    • Improve content based on user intent

    In 2019 Google  launched BERT – algorithm by Google which monitors the intent matching. This means that you have to write content that will match the user intent. How you can do this? You have to really know your audience and the problems they have and create content based on these.

    • Provide high-quality and optimized content

    An effective Houston SEO strategy includes great content. Users seek content that it’s relevant and helpful. That is why Google rewards websites with quality content and ranks them better. Providing quality content will help you satisfy your potential customer’s needs but also to optimize Houston SEO. It s a win-win digital marketing strategy that will offer you only benefits. Google and other search engines desire to provide the best search results that match the customer’s needs and intent and in order to do so, they are focusing on the content you offer. Quality content should be one of the best tactics for ranking well in SERPs.

    • Improve user experience

    One of the trends smart digital marketers should focus on in 2020 is User experience. They have to pay attention to both site and page speed. No matter how relevant your content is if the site doesn’t load fast and doesn’t have an easy to use interface. In the modern digital era, it’s all about getting faster and effective in order to have a great strategy regarding your digital marketing Houston. This means that the user must have quick access to your site and find easily what they are searching for. So you have to improve the site’s speed and then focus on optimizing the user experience. It should be intuitive, easy navigation throughout your website. You must put yourself always in your potential customer shoes and see if you understand what you mean very quickly. If you don’t manage to do so and provide fast and easy what your user desires, he will bounce from your website and this will reflect badly on your SEO efforts.

    • Focus on mobile SEO

    Mobile web pages are having a huge growth in the last past years and it will continue to grow in 2020. Google introduced mobile First indexing which means that it will use the mobile pages of websites for indexing and ranking. Your website must have a mobile version that is responsive but not only. You must improve the whole mobile user experience by providing an interface that is easy to read, grab the user’s attention and load quickly. You have to keep in mind that 70% of the web traffic happens on a mobile device so it’s very important to have a mobile version in order not to miss this incredible amount of users that use mobile devices when they are searching. This will help you increase sales, perform better on Google rankings and keep up with your competitors.

    • Use videos to showcase your products

    Videos have a rising role in Houston SEO and became an essential part of the digital society. They are great for engaging people and making them more prone to buy from your company, but also can improve your rankings. Videos will help you provide a great amount of information in a short manner. Videos tell stories and they stick in the user s mind for a longer period of time. And they have the power of enhancing the two trends we presented before, improving user experience and respond to the user needs.

    • Make brand building a priority

    Brand building and brand awareness are a top priority for digital marketers in 2020. Google has always offer brands preferential treatment. Brands tend to rank better on SERPs and this trend will continue in 2020. That is why you should give this subject greater attention. Brand recognition it’s a powerful asset when it comes to getting clicks. Users prefer to click on familiar brands and more importantly, to buy from those. Trust it’s one of the most important factors for clicking a link or making a purchase. SERP CTR has an impact on rankings and increasing the CTR, you will have more chances to rank well.

    Building a brand people trust it’s essential for any business and provides great advantages such as a higher rank in SERPs, a better CTR and conversion rate.

    • Structure of the data

    Structured data becomes even more important in trends of Houston SEO in 2020. Digital marketers should focus on structuring data in a way that will help search engines understand better what is on a page and how each element of the page relates to the other elements.

    • Make technical SEO a priority

    Any website should be technically healthy in order to be crawled and indexed easily by search engines. This means you have to pay attention to website speed, responsiveness, setting up robots.txt and sitemap.xml, fix broken links and handling proper errors such as 404. Technical SEO it’s important and will continue to be a crucial part of your SEO efforts in 2020.

    • Consider Voice search

    Studies show that half of the searches conducted in 2020 will be made throw voice. This shows a big rise in the voice search that will most certainly have an impact on search engine optimization. You should give the voice search for proper attention in order to stay in front of your competition and rank well.


    SEO it’s moving fast and if you want to be successful you have to keep up with the market changes. Follow the Houston SEO trends listed before and you will be able to rank or maintain your high rank in the search engine, obtain more relevant traffic and increase your conversion rate. It will be the year of stiff competition but if you concentrate your efforts on the main SEO trends of 2020 you will be able to get an edge over the competitors.