What Is Content Refresh and How Do you Revive Your Old Contents

Content as we know is a necessity in every business and happens to increase such business reach and attract potential leads. It is through content that people know what your business is fully all about, be it written content, videos, case studies, Ebooks, or even graphic designs. All these contribute to a broad subject called content. Time would come when content has outlived its purpose and become stale in the eyes of the audience. At this point, it is the duty of the content writer or manager to perform a content refresh. The thing about content refresh is that it has to be accurately done, if poorly done, you would be making it worse than you started. That is where a Houston SEO expert comes in. If you want to know about content refresh and how to revive your old content this article has every answer you are looking for.

What is Content Refresh

Content Refresh is a process whereby you thoroughly modify most if not all of your website content by updating it in order. This acts to improve its visibility or ranking on Search Engines or to attract new customers or leads. Content refresh can take place in many formats, some of the ways it takes place are by adding new quotes made by industry experts and leaders or switching up the point of view from one perspective to another. Another point is even turning your Long form content into an ebook with more statistical facts and charts or into a YouTube video which favors the audience who can’t read very long content. While doing content refresh you may only need to add in a few things to bring back the content quality or relevance. Pearland SEO can help you do a thorough revision and update of your content.

Benefit Of Content Refresh To Your Business

Content Refresh can benefit your website in numerous ways. Pearland SEO experts can help bring your page to the limelight and expose your business to new customers. Here are some other benefits it attains to your website:

1. Leads to more conversions: Since it is fresh content all over again people would believe that you have done your research and are giving them updated information. Hence, they would be willing to buy your product

2. Increase your Credibility as a Brand: With an up to date content, other brands and businesses can link to your site or quote you in their own content because they trust that you have fresh information.

3. Makes you rank on Search Engine: Since Google only gives quality and relevant information to its users, your site’s chances of ranking would be higher because Google considers that you have fresh and quality information

How To Revive Your Old Contents

1. Create New Designs: You need to give your website a newer look sometimes, especially if your site has been in existence for a long period of time. During that period, new Designs and fonts would have been updated. You also need to turn up your design and give your site a fresher look to the eyes of your audience. This makes it more visually appealing.

2. Update Your Keyword And Target Audience: if your website content was written years ago, you may find out, when going through the content, that some of the keywords aren’t as useful as they were before or that your target audience isn’t as defined as before. Now all you need to do is perform extensive keyword research using tools like Keyword planner and market analysis to find a newer audience who may be interested in what you are offering.

4. Feature Other People: you can decide to quote influencers or feature some of their content that is related to your niche on your website. This would add more value to your content as well as encourage same influencers to feature your own content in theirs too.

5. Publish Your Content In Different Format: When you decide to repurpose your content and publish it in another format that can be shared to various social media platforms, it would increase your chances of attracting more leads and customers from those platforms.


Content Refresh isn’t just a process but a strategy that needs to be implemented by brand owners and content managers. It is also helpful to hire a team of SEO Experts who are knowledgeable with the process, to help speed up and perform a quality refresh that would put your website at the top.

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