Webinar: An SEO memorial service


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Join a joyous celebration of life, honoring the long list of SEO tactics and concepts we lost this year. Remember fondly the beautiful time you shared with defunct ideas like link building, keyword cannibalization, search volume as a value indicator and even the most cherished of friends: the funnel. Make peace with their loss as you embrace a new paradigm for organic content: Pillar-based marketing.

In this respectful and life-affirming session—join Ryan Brock, chief solution officer, DemandJump, and leave with:

  • Clear and compelling evidence that most legacy SEO metrics and tactics have slim to no impact on SEO outcomes.
  • A major mindset shift that eliminates most of the metrics and tactics associated with SEO in favor of a single metric that defines and drives organic ranking success.
  • Practical, step-by-step methodology for choosing SEO pillar topics and publishing content quickly that ranks fast.

Learn more by registering and attending “SEO Memorial Service: A Fond Farewell To Things That Don’t Matter Anymore,” presented by DemandJump.

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