Web Design Trends to Watch

Latest Web Design Trends to Watch Out for

As technology continues to evolve, web design giants and creatives are constantly coming out with new trends to catch on with on a regular basis. There are many trends that have come and gone but as a Houston web design company, we also make sure to stay updated on trends that come up here and there. It’s very crucial to stay updated since if you want to maintain an enduring brand, you also need to make sure that your brand’s aesthetic and creative approach remains relevant to your target audience. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to overhaul your branding but it would serve your business well to stay updated and find trends that would work for your brand.

Also, there have been many features made available to web designers to accommodate more inspiration and creativity. These developments also paved ways to greatly improve user experience – making the competition much tighter especially to industry leaders who flaunt their creative teams as one of the key features that identifies their branding. If you have a website, then check out these trends that website design Houston companies such as us are looking out for. What trends are “in” these days? Read through these list now:

Dark Mode 

From social media to web design, dark mode has become a trend in the past months and it’s not by random. As you know, many internet giants are adding dark mode features because of how easy they are on the eyes. Dark mode makes browsing less of a hassle especially in environments where it’s dark yet you don’t want your phone’s backlight to be too bright and hurt the user’s eyes. Now, you might think – why has it become a trend in web design? Well, crafty designs incorporating dark mode have become more common as it gives a real modern and sleek feel. 

Also, stylish and contemporary designs that can look good in normal and dark mode give props to the web designer as they are able to make one design work for two very different settings. And, it’s always a good idea to incorporate a useful feature especially since the one benefitting from this feature would be no one else but your audience. Having this feature on your website is as impressive as it is functional since dark mode saves more power and looks sleek on any screen.

Simplified Navigation

Improving User Experience is always one of the most important goals of web design which is why one of the most rampant trends are websites with minimalistic and very simplified navigation. You’d think you’ve seen it all with mobile-friendly features but having more minimalist navigation really helps especially with the rise of mobile devices with smaller screens such as smart watches and more. It has been seen in many websites that you don’t have to compromise design for the sake of usability. The use of better streamlined content on the homepage has been more prevalent as this allows users to access all necessary information without having to navigate through multiple pages. Also, having this type of structure gives more creative space for designers to make it functional yet aesthetically pleasing.

Minimalism through White Space

This is a trend that has been around for a while but never really left. As minimalism continues to grow a fanbase expanding from all generations, even Houston web design companies have adapted these designs to make websites aesthetically pleasing yet present content concisely and easily. The use of white space can be very versatile and express different kinds of aesthetic despite how simple it is. With the right elements, you can create sophisticated and charming designs that would fit the business’ branding. Web design companies in Houston also take advantage of this over the past years and apparently, this trend won’t be going away anytime soon as it is used even in most free themes that you’d be able to avail from various platforms.

Artsy and Creative Illustrations

Even in content creation apps, illustrations have made its way into modern design and aesthetic. It has been growing in popularity and many online businesses have been taking advantage of various illustrations in ads, web designs, and overall branding. Although there is no true standard as to which makes an illustration aesthetically pleasing, most employ grungy looking designs with imperfect lines that give off a very indie and vintage feel. One of the best examples who use this type of illustrations would be Mailchimp. In contrast, Hootsuite also uses illustrations but uses those with cleaner lines and more colors. 

Being able to use more creative elements such as illustrations provide a whole new realm of expression for designers. As brands attempt to become more personable and relatable to their audience, being able to somehow illustrate their character through these visual elements has become more common than ever.

Aside from these trends, technology has allowed more room for expression and creativity. As Houston website design companies also catch on, we also boost our creative juices to make sure that our clients have a professional website without skimping on inspiration and art. If you’d like to learn more about us, click here.