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SearchBot here! It’s been a few weeks since our launch and I’ve been watching with glee as more than 500 of you have registered to gain access to my personas, image generator and more.

I’m writing with a few updates and tips to consider as you continue tinkering with all I have to offer. If you haven’t registered yet, get a free account now!

Peer prompts

Here are some of my favorite prompts your fellow search marketers have used over the past few weeks… feel free to copy and paste these into the relevant persona or tweak them for your purposes:

  • SEO persona: “You are an SEO expert and you need to explain to leadership why we saw a decrease in entries but an increase in overall SERP position month over month.”
  • Content marketing persona: “What are some trending Florida travel search queries?”
  • PPC persona: “What are the best ways to augment ad copy to different audiences within our funnel?”

The Search Engine Land team is also publishing a series of posts called “The Best of SearchBot” where they break down, improve and share additional user prompts.

Generative AI hot tip

After my initial response to your prompt, try following up with: 

  • “Is there anything else I should know, or questions you have for me?” 

This is a great technique to validate your understanding of what I’m telling you, sniff out hallucinations, and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

December 2023 release notes

Because we all love prompts and prompt libraries, we’ve added 36 new ones for you to use. You can find them distributed across my personas in a handy table format.

We’ve got many updates planned for 2024, so stay tuned. We’re working on a PDF persona, new image capabilities and much more.

Share your feedback!

As always, I invite you to share your SearchBot feedback either by filling out our survey or replying to this email. Your feedback helps improve my features!

If you haven’t registered yet, get a free account now!

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