It can be frustrating when you put in so much effort in your website, your social media pages and other online assets yet your inbound traffic still feels like it’s lacking in comparison to the efforts you’ve exerted. As a Houston-based business that provides marketing services to other business owners, we have tried and tested many ways to improve your inbound traffic figures. From bumping up our SEO by working with keywords such as “Houston SEO” or “Houston SEO agency”, to posting more strategically on social media – we stand by these simple yet easily executable methods that can help you improve those inbound traffic numbers!




Many seasoned and veterans in Digital Marketing cannot stress enough the importance of integrity and genuine sentiment when you produce content. The digital landscape has changed the game incredibly over the last decade. It has made compelling and real content more valuable than ever. It is no longer about the number of ads you’re running but the effectiveness of any campaign now lies on a systematic strategy that revolves around your business’ beliefs, values, and message. 


For example, as a Houston SEO agency, we market and advertise our business similar to other businesses that provide SEO and other marketing solutions, but what sets us apart is that we ingrain our messaging with our promise to provide dependable and honest services. You need to start at the very foundation that makes your business special and unique. Overselling has become passe in this age of technology – at this point, the best way to attract your ideal clients is with real, powerful, and riveting content.




Putting a certain amount of time and effort into your SEO can greatly affect inbound traffic to your website. You need to optimize and make your website as SEO-friendly as possible. Getting an SEO specialist can be the best option for you but always keep in mind that you don’t have to spend an astronomical amount of money to improve your SEO. The number one tip to keep in mind when working on SEO is that all pages of your website need to be optimized, not just your homepage and not just your blog entries. The goal is to make all the content on your website to rank on Google searches.


Also, you need to get into your audience’s head and realize that you need more than just keyword rankings to improve your SEO. For example, as a Houston SEO Agency that offers digital marketing solutions, most keyword we would focus on would be “houston seo”, “houston seo agency”, and “houston seo digital marketing” – but remember that only a handful of people would actually search for those words. Instead, our ideal clients who need our services would google search about “SEO Optimization for my Website” or “How to Generate More Traffic to my Website”. This is why you should do more intensive research on what to write about and make sure your articles are optimized for SEO. Remember, most of the data you need can be just one google search away. 




There is one inevitable truth in the Digital Age – everyone is on or aware of social media. So, staying active and posting strategically on your social media pages are worth the effort. It’s also worth looking into which social media platforms would be appropriate for your target audience. You need to keep in mind that each platform has a specific function that you can take advantage of. 


For example, Facebook has wide usership but that also means that you need to target more strategically through content that will appeal more to your niche. For Twitter, it’s more fast-paced in comparison to other platforms. Your audience might not be able to catch your tweets so you might want to post more often. For Instagram, you can opt to stick to more visual content as it functions more as an aesthetic platform. Photos, videos, other visuals would be better to express your message and your branding. There are more platforms you can explore but always remember that your content should have the same branding and compelling message across all your channels. 




Using visual content is no longer just a trend, it is now considered as a strategy in igniting interest with your audience. Visual Content Marketing means that you are conveying your message, branding, or your promo in a more visual manner that is easier and more interesting to you audience. Examples of this type of content would be your videos, photos, infographics, typography, and more!


When using visual content, you always need to keep in mind that you have an objective – a purpose that should align your message with the creative aspects of your content. Just because it is visually appealing doesn’t mean you should skip the strategy. Work with your artists or designers to find a fine balance between expressing your message and your visual aesthetic. If you can stay objective and stay aligned then don’t be afraid to be bold, daring, and creative!




We cannot stress enough how important branding is to a business owner. You need to understand that all of the content, SEO, Social Media, and overall marketing efforts you’re investing in, is to build and reinforce your brand identity. Understanding the importance of brand consistency and the value of brand awareness must be at the forefront of any comprehensive marketing plan. In this day and age, it is more than necessary to establish a solid brand concept before moving forward with creating content and cascading them to your different channels. 


This doesn’t mean you need to keep yourself in a box and create stringent parameters to stick to when it comes to expressing your brand. Instead, you can get creative with the technology available to you and strategically craft messages anchored to your branding that works best for your chosen channel. Keep the mindset that marketing your brand has become more fun and exciting with all the technology you can play with. It will always boil down to you and your mindset. Always ask yourself, “how far can you take your brand now?”


You’re welcome to integrate these tips into your marketing plan to help you improve your inbound traffic. With all the strategies and technology you can get your hands on, your plan can be as limitless as your imagination. All you have to do is find that perfect balance – that sweet spot that works especially well with the kind of business you are working on. So don’t be afraid and take charge. You never know how much inbound traffic can come from a little courage and hard work.




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