Social Media Marketing Tips for the 2022 Holiday Season

Let’s face it, these days everyone has one or two social media accounts that they use. If you are not utilizing social media in your business then you are digging an early grave for your business growth and success. Social media marketing is very necessary for every brand and business owner to help them reach out to their target customers and build a connection with them. On most occasions, good social media marketing is done by experienced teams of Houston SEO experts who are well-versed in the field of marketing. Over the years, there has been a growing trend in which businesses and brands organize special holiday sales to get more revenues. With each year passing by, there has been a tremendous leap in holiday sales in such a way that every new and growing business now inculcates it into their business plans.

Why Is Holiday Social Media Marketing Important

Not only does it open your business to a new set of eyes it also increases your revenue. Before we share the social media marketing tips we would like to show you why it is very important and how your business can profit from it. It is also important to note that you may not be able to handle marketing on your own. That means you need to source for social media experts and our team at Pearland SEO agency is always ready to help you fulfill your social media dreams

  • The holiday season is a joyous time for most people. Mostly a season of giving and thanksgiving. Doing your marketing properly would attract more customers from far and near through both paid and organic advertising.
  •  Creating a marketing campaign for holidays gets you a lot of revenue. People are big on sales during the holiday and would rush on such offers if available.
  •  Families mostly come together for holiday merriment so people are more inclined to purchase in larger quantities and if they can get a discount on what they purchased, they would be willing to buy even more.

Social media Marketing Tips For Holiday Sales


1. Develop A Marketing Campaign

This would instantly make your brand reach the hand of many. People are constantly on the lookout for Christmas sales and are ready to spend all they have budgeted. Social media is a powerful tool in business and allows you to reach out to customers. You may also need the help of a social media Pearland SEO expert to boost your campaign effectively by targeting to the very customers who have a higher chance of buying from you. Doing this too, you would also need to know your customer and what they want; by identifying and trying to solve their problem. You also need to identify the different holiday periods such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Boxing day and so on. This way you can target your sales based on the period of the year.

2. Provide all the necessary information needed for the customer to go around your website and make sound purchasing decisions. If possible, try to give them a one-click away access to the product of their choice.

3. You can also help with a free guide or resource on how to use certain products or appliances. You may also need to give them a list of mistakes to avoid so as not to damage their product or services. For example, if you are having Christmas sales for your human hair wig collection, you can release some newsletters or direct them to blog posts you have written containing instructions on how to handle and manage such wigs.

4. You can offer free additional products that go hand in hand with the products they are purchasing. For example, If you own a wine store and are doing Christmas sales to your customers, you can decide to give a free champagne glass for every carton of champagne they purchase from your store. By doing this you are not only making them happy but you are also building a healthy customer relationship as well as saving them some money.

5. When writing captions or product descriptions on your website or social media pages, telling your customers about your Christmas sales, you need to focus on why your product is the solution to their problems. You need to put it in their minds that without your product, their holiday seasons will not be complete. For example, if you are selling Christmas gift cards, you should let your customers know how grateful and emotional their friends would get if they received a Christmas card along with a Christmas gift.


It is highly demanded that as a business owner, you take social media marketing very seriously this holiday period and capture your audience with good marketing. By following these tips illustrated above and also seeking help from an expert social media company in Houston who can help you run targeted holiday marketing campaigns to better your chances of having good holiday sales.

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