Real Time Versus Evergreen Content; How They Can help Your Brand


What moves a business forward is the level of consistent online marketing they do. Owning a good content strategy and delivering your content at the scheduled time is big. What is even bigger is the kind of content you produce. Your content types can make or mar your business. It can even give a startup company more credibility than a company that has been in existence for years. This is because such startup companies have an SEO foundation and they get the right Houston SEO company to work that out for them. If you are still confused about the type of content to create, you need to know that you only need to create quality informative content. One that gives value to your client. There are two types of valuable content your audience loves; Real-time content and Evergreen content.
Do you want to know about each and how they can help your business? Read on to find out.

What Is Real-time content?

Real-time content is consistent, fast-paced, trending, or changing. They are all about breaking news and events that trends in your niche. Here, you let people know industry-related updates while still tendering your advice and opinions. This type of content keeps you ahead of your game in this fast-paced digital world. This content type has gradually become an efficient way to gather new followers or leads. Having good Pearland SEO experts help you gather and market this type of content can boost engagement and follow to your page or site.

What Is Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is a benchmark for building authority in your niche and staying relevant on search results. They are optimized contents that are produced to stay relevant or Fresh for a long period of time. Even if other similar topics arise, Evergreen content is well-optimized to still maintain its relevance. Why is that? This is because there is a certain uniqueness to that content and there are different ways you can achieve that by following the tops below.

Tips For Real-time and Evergreen Content

Your content should be drafted in a way that would be significant and useful to your audience. It doesn’t matter the type of content. Here are some tips you should follow in order to stay on top of your game.

Evergreen content

  • Use the right keyword: in order to produce relevant evergreen content you need to do thorough keyword research as well as use a long tail keyword because they have lesser competition.
  •  Perform Best SEO services: After doing keyword research, you need to also put other things in place. Like including your keyword in the meta description and URL, adding alt text to images, and hyperlinks to other relevant articles.
  • Be more of information than expertise: Write like you’re talking to 5-grade pupils. Explain in a detailed manner and avoid too much technical jargon. That way everyone would understand more.

Real-Time content

  •  Start by following top industry-related accounts on social media. Accounts of influencers and experts. Ensure to be watchful of their updates.
  • You can use Google Alerts to be notified about industry-related updates.
  • To make content easy to share, you may need to keep it short and enticing. Also, ensure that you are writing for SEO as it is a top priority. In the case where you can’t write for SEO, Pearland SEO company can help you.

Difference Between Real-time And Evergreen Content


  •  Contents like this help to keep your customers in a loop.
  • They bring about increased engagement.
  • They do not stay too relevant for a long time.

Evergreen Content

  • Contents like this provide value to your customers.
  •  They increase customer loyalty.
  • They stay relevant for a very long time.

Benefit OF Both Content Type To your Business

Apart from posting valuable content and still staying on top of the latest trends in your industry. Both content types are very beneficial to your business and are an added advantage when you seek the right SEO company to help you.
Here are some of the benefits it brings to your business :

  •  Real-Time content helps to boost engagement because it can spark a lot of remarks and emotions from your audience. Imagine making a post about Twitter or Meta shutting down for life. A lot of your audience would react to it immediately. If you want to start a conversation or discussion on your page, this is one of the ways.
  •  Evergreen content continually drives traffic to your website. As long as your content keeps being relevant, users will continue to find you.
  •  Evergreen content improves search engine ranking
  •  Evergreen content positions your brand as an industry expert.


Both Content types bring in numerous advantages to your business. You may decide to incorporate both of them or choose one. When choosing one, you need to ensure it is in line with your content strategy and the goals you have in your business. This would help you stay on top of your game.

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