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A digital marketing agency that focuses on SEO in Lagos. To get more conversions, brand awareness, and engagement.

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A digital marketing agency that focuses on SEO in Lagos. To get more conversions, brand awareness, and engagement.


The brand needs more customers from social media and also wants to have an active social media presence.


According to the brand objective and goals, we did a simple optimization and linked a WhatsApp number to the page, whereby customers can message the brand WhatsApp number directly. After that was done, we changed the color of the brand to a more visually appealing color.

We created entertaining, informative, and educative content around the world of digital marketing and promoted it with the brand.


Organic Followers Growth: Within 30 days, the brand saw a +24.7% rise in followers on Instagram. Giving the brand a total of 10.2K followers


Engagement: The account got a rise in the number of engagements, which was seen from the insight, showing an increase of +3.6% from followers and +233% from non-followers.

Reach: The account got a very high reach which, was 74,867 in total 3.6% from followers and +189%  from non-followers with an impression of +198%

Content Interaction: The post-interaction increased significantly and the post had a rise of +154% post-interaction, which is what the brand is sorting for.

Client Testimonial:

As an SEO specialist, I spend all day helping businesses climb the search engine ranks. But frankly, my own social media presence was…well, non-existent. I knew I needed to engage with potential clients and establish myself as a thought leader, but I just didn’t have the time or expertise.

That’s when I partnered with DEO marketing agency. From the very beginning, they impressed me. They took the time to understand my target audience and the kind of content that would resonate with them. They then crafted a comprehensive social media strategy that included engaging posts, targeted ads, and even influencer outreach.


The results? They speak for themselves. Within just a few months, I saw a significant increase in followers and, more importantly, a surge in qualified leads. My social media presence went from nonexistent to thriving, with a community actively interacting with my content.

But it’s not just about the numbers. DEO marketing agency truly took the time to understand my brand voice and personality. They created content that felt authentic and helped me connect with potential clients on a deeper level.

Our latest case study showcases the impact of a strategic social media approach centered on engagement and community building. By prioritizing high-quality content and fostering genuine conversations, we achieved significant results without solely relying on paid advertising.