Microsoft expands Maximum Conversion Value to more campaigns

Microsoft extended Maximum Conversion Value to all shopping and search campaigns.

This bid strategy, which was previously exclusive to smart shopping campaigns, automatically adjusts your bids in real-time to maximize total conversion value within your budget. If you have specific ROI goals, you can opt to include a Target ROAS (return on ad spend).

Why we care. Automated bidding can make campaign management easier for advertisers by optimizing performance without requiring manual intervention. However, there are some concerns about the lack of control – especially regarding expense.

Requirements. These conversion and revenue-based bid strategies rely on conversion tracking within Microsoft’s platform, achieved through Universal Event Tracking (UET) and/or offline conversions. This step is crucial for advertisers to optimize their Microsoft campaigns for peak performance.

Microsoft Maximum Conversion ValueMicrosoft Maximum Conversion Value

Conversion tracking. To ensure all conversions are tracked, Microsoft will automatically enable Microsoft Click ID (MSCLKID) for all eligible advertisers later this month. Auto-tagging of MSCLKID, enabled by default for new accounts, helps to ensure accurate conversion tracking even when browser settings or types block Microsoft cookies.

MSCLKID explained. Microsoft Click ID (MSCLKID) is a unique identifier in landing page URLs, aiding advertisers in tracking site conversions effectively. It guarantees that conversion tracking is maintained, even in cases where the Microsoft cookie cannot be returned due to browser settings, like third-party cookie blocking.

What Microsoft is saying. Microsoft said in a statement:

  • “For advertisers looking to drive revenue and return on investment (ROI), one bid strategy that can help advertisers is Maximize Conversion Value, which focuses on optimizing high-value conversions and the total sales value of your campaign.”

New language options. In other news, the Microsoft Advertising platform is now available in five new languages:

  • Thai.
  • Malay.
  • Indonesian.
  • Filipino.
  • Hindi.

This update allows you to reach broader audiences and customize campaigns for local languages.

Smart cropping. Lastly, Microsoft has introduced a new AI-powered feature: smart image cropping for Audience ads and image extensions. This tool utilizes AI to analyze your images and automatically crop them to highlight the most important part, eliminating the need for manual cropping.

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Deep dive. Read Microsoft’s announcement in full for more information.

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