Meta adds Brand Rights Protection to combat trademark, counterfeit, copyright infringement

Meta today introduced new tools and updates to help protect the intellectual property (IP) of brands, including:

  • An updated Brand Rights Protection Manager platform.
  • A new Intellectual Property Reporting Center.
  • A new “Protecting Businesses” section on the Meta for Business website.

Why we care. Brands are susceptible to counterfeit scams on Facebook, posing a threat to their reputation and consumer confidence. Meta’s integration of AI to combat this issue is a step in the right direction to make its platforms a safer space for brands to advertise and for consumers to shop.

What is Brand Rights Protection? Brand Rights Protection is a tool that helps businesses protect their brand and customers against counterfeit products on Meta platforms.

Meta Brand Rights Protection 800x456Meta Brand Rights Protection 800x456

What’s changing? Meta said in a blog post that is rolling out several updates to the Brand Rights Protection platform, including:

  • Brand Rights Tracking Tool: This feature uses AI so that when brands upload reference images, they can access saved searches and broader search parameters for higher-quality matches to detect counterfeits.
  • Increased Reference Image Limit: Meta now lets brands upload 200 images (up from 50) so its system can check a wider range of variations.
  • Enhanced Control: Meta is expanding its Rights Manager platform, enabling broader content blocking and introducing image ownership tagging for enhanced control by copyright holders.

Brand Rights Protection eligibility. You can apply for Brand Rights Protection if you meet the following requirements:

  • Business must have an account on Business Manager.
  • Brand must own a registered trademark.
    • Trademark must be active and text-based or image-based.
  • Business has no history of intellectual property violations.
  • Applicant must be an employee of brand or business.

New IP Reporting Center. This new feature serves as a centralized database for IP violation reports, with the aim of streamlining the tracking process. It consolidates relevant account information and reporting history in one accessible platform.

Meta Intellectual Property Reporting Center 800x486Meta Intellectual Property Reporting Center 800x486

How it works. You must log in to your Facebook, Instagram, or Business Manager account to use the IP Reporting Center. Multiple users under the same Business Manager account can view the reporting history for the entire business.

Protecting Businesses. This new section on the Meta for Business website will provide notes and guides to help businesses develop a brand protection strategy and mitigate the impact of brand misuse.

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