LinkedIn restores service after global outage


LinkedIn is back up and running after a global outage prevented users from accessing their accounts.

The technical glitch was impacting users globally, including the U.S. and UK, with more than 48,000 reports of issues via Downdetector.

Why we care. If you were running ad campaigns on LinkedIn, expect a significant decrease in reach, engagement, and conversions from when the error began until it was resolved.

Error message. When users tried to access the site, many found they were unable to. Instead, they were greeted with an error message that read:

  • “We seem to have encountered an error. Try going back to the previous page or see our Help Center for more information.”

When did it start? LinkedIn started investigating the issue at 4.25pm ET on March 6, and managed to restore services as usual by approximately 4.45pm ET.

What LinkedIn is saying. LinkedIn said in a statement:

  • “We are currently experiencing an issue across the Linkedin API developer platform that is causing API requests to fail unexpectedly. We are investigating the issue and working on a resolution.”

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Deep dive. Read LinkedIn’s Status Page for more information.


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