How Building Topical Authority Help Boost Your Google SEO Ranking

A website ranks because Google recognizes its values, credibility, and resourcefulness. When one website ranks more than yours it would feel like Google values that website more right? Why is that so, you may ask? Some of these pages typically say the same thing as yours or cover the same topics. This is because some websites have more topical authority and this has contributed to their ranking. If you want to learn more about topical authority and how it can boost your SEO ranking, read on and see some of Pearland SEO experts best practices.

What Is Topical Authority

We would start by defining the word “Authority”. Authority is the influence or credibility of a content or page over every other similar page on the Internet. For content to have more authority, it means such content or page rank better on organic searches. To create content with authority you need to write valuable content because that would give you more credibility. When people know that they would get valuable information from your page, they would always visit. This positions you as a person of authority in your niche. Google uses an ‘authority system’ to determine the value of one page over others.

A topical authority is a metric used to measure a website’s authority through posting valuable content. For a startup company that talks about home furniture, its content won’t rank as high as an already established brand that writes about the same home furniture. To gain Topical Authority you need to write quality content either on your own or with the right Pearland SEO team. This would keep you at the top of your game.

Importance Of Topical Authority

Content writers and brands ought to care about topical authority because when your page ranks higher you are open to more visitors. Hence, this brings in more leads into your business.

Here are two importance of building topical authority:

  • It leads to more website clicks: when you rank higher you begin to attract other users to your site.
  • It can cause more organic link-building: When users or other bloggers start to see that your content is both of high quality and relevant. Other sites will begin to link to your content. This would also help to grow your page.

How Topical Authority Works To boost SEO Ranking

For your page to have the topical authority it has to be fully optimized with your target keyword. Content that is bound to rank higher has more credibility and deeper insight into the topic. Here is how you can build an effective topical authority on your website:

You may have to work long and hard enough to finally establish some kind of authority. You may even need to hire a certified Houston SEO expert who can help lay the foundation of an effective SEO strategy that would make building an authority easier. There are ways you can build effective authority. They include:

  • ¬†Have Effective and well-Planned Topic Pillars: when choosing topics to write about, you should remember to emphasize certain topics you have written that you would make the pillars of your brand. This would help show readers that the content has more authority than your competitors. It would also help your audience get more value from your page as your topic pillars answer all the questions they may have about various topics or content on your page.
  • User Intent: Search engines always want to figure out people’s Intent in searching for a particular topic. Do people want to know more about a topic? Do they want to answer a particular question? Or do they want to be directed to a particular website?
  • Content strategy: When planning to build topical authority for your page, you and your team need to sit and plan how to organize contents that are entered around the keywords and topics your readers want to know more about. For example, content pillars such as How-to, Guides, Latest trends or Reviews. Just ensure your team works round the clock to release content as consistently as possible.


To build your page and establish it as a figure of authority, it has to have a foundation of SEO strategy with the right Houston SEO Services. Once you have done that and followed all the steps to make it possible, it would benefit you in the long run and grant you long-term organic growth.

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