Google unveils ad tools updates for mobile app developers


Google announced a range of new advertising tools and solutions for mobile app developers at the Games 2024 Developer Summit, including:

  • AI asset suggestions.
  • Real-time bidding buyers.
  • Upgraded mediation toolkit.
  • Improved A/B testing.
  • Immersive in-game ads.
  • Geo-based, controlled experiments.

The tech giant said the updates are designed to “enhance creativity, diversify revenue and make data-driven decisions.”

AI asset suggestions. Google confirmed that image suggestions for App campaigns are now generally available, while text suggestions are currently in beta testing. These suggestions, including headlines, descriptions and images, come from various sources such as your website, the Google Play store, asset library and stock images. They will now be displayed for you to review and add to your campaign during its construction phase.

Real-time bidding buyers. Google is making new real-time bidding buyers available in AdMob to “amplify revenue impact for app publishers.” Unity Ads Network and ironSource Ads will soon be able to bid on publisher inventory available with AdMob.

Upgraded mediation toolkit. AdMob is introducing an enhanced mediation segmentation feature, soon to be available in beta, which allows for customized ad experiences based on various user behaviors. For instance, this feature enables you to adjust mediation settings such as price floors to better optimize ad interactions for users who are less inclined to make in-app purchases.

Improved A/B testing. AdMob is launching an enhanced A/B testing tool for publishers who experiment with multiple mediation setups. This tool will deliver results within days, accompanied by comprehensive reporting visuals and metrics. The improved A/B testing functionality is set to be available in beta soon.

Immersive in-game ads. AdMob introduced immersive in-game ads, currently in closed beta. Developers such as APPS, NewStory, Supercent, and Unico Studio are actively testing this new ad format in their games.

Controlled experiments. In response to the evolving privacy landscape, Google is introducing geo-based, controlled experiments to accurately measure the incremental return on investment from advertisers’ spending on iOS and Android App campaigns. This solution is currently available for campaigns targeted to specific countries.

Why we care. Keeping up-to-date with Google’s new and improved features is essential because they’re usually aimed at making your job easier, streamlining campaign management, and boosting campaign effectiveness for improved return on investment.

What Google is saying. A Google spokesperson said in a statement:

  • “Every year, the games industry continues to stay at the forefront of innovation by adopting new technologies and growth strategies.”
  • “As we continue to share more innovative ads solutions, we hope you’re empowered to expand the scale and possibilities of your advertising campaigns and monetization strategies.”

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Deep dive. Read Google’s announcement in full for more information.


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