Google to review disapproved ad issues following policy update


Google is reviewing complaints regarding an ad policy update that enforces tighter restrictions on consumer financial products and services.

Following the rollout, marketers have complained that the policy is so “overarching”, it is causing issues for advertisers outside the consumer finance sector.

Why we care. If your Google Ads campaigns are facing disapproval or limitations as a result of this update and you’re unsure why, it might not be due to a violation of Google’s policies. The issue could be attributed to Google’s own processes.

Personalized ads policy update. A few weeks ago, Google revealed plans to update its Personalized ads policy, introducing restrictions on personalized ads for consumer financial products and services. The expanded policy will change the name from “Credit in personalized ads” to “Consumer finance in personalized ads.” The updated policy states:

  • “In the United States and Canada, the following sensitive interest categories cannot be targeted to audiences based on gender, age, parental status, marital status, or ZIP code.”

Issues for advertisers. PPC expert and Search Engine Land award-winner Greg Kohler shared a screenshot on X of his account after a handful of ads were disapproved or limited as a result of the update:

Google Consumer FinanceGoogle Consumer Finance

Greg said that his campaigns were experiencing these difficulties because of Google’s policy update, which he claims was “pushed through automated checks.”

He then revealed how one campaign triggered the policy violation simply for including the term “apartments” in the keyword group, writing on X:

  • “These automated checks are always way too overarching when they’re first applied – I can’t even add this keyword in the interface since it’s rejected based on just including ‘apartments”‘.”
Personalized Consumer Finance Ads 449x600Personalized Consumer Finance Ads 449x600

What Google is saying. Google Ads liaison officer Ginny Marvin personally acknowledged Greg’s complaint, expressing gratitude for bringing it to their attention. She then confirmed her intention to privately message him for additional details, indicating that the matter would be investigated.

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