Google to replace perspectives filter with forums filter


Google is rolling out a change to the perspectives filter, renaming it from perspectives to forums. A Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land the word “forums” is a more intuitive name when seeking out that content. Google also told us that searchers can use this filter to hone in on results from hundreds of forums from across the web.

More on perspectives. Google launched the perspectives filter on mobile search last June, where you can filter the search results to just that type of content. Searchers can filter their search results to show videos, blogs and forums. These results aim to show people a more “lived experience” to their search queries, Liz Reid, VP of Search at Google, told Search Engine Land at Google I/O. These searchers are able to see answers from people who are sharing their own personal perspectives and these answers are provided in a user interface that is more friendly and consumable to the younger searcher.

What it looks like now. A few weeks ago I caught Google testing displaying “Forums” as a search filter in the search results. Here is that screenshot from Shameem Adhikarath:

Google Replaces Perspectives With Forums FilterGoogle Replaces Perspectives With Forums Filter

Here is the same query, but with the perspectives filter option:

Google Perspectives FilterGoogle Perspectives Filter

Why the change. Google said that it continues to invest in making it easier for searchers to find content that reflects people’s perspectives and first-hand experiences on Search. Google told us it is always looking at new ways to make it easier and more intuitive to find. Based on its data, Google found it is more intuitive for users to use filter by “forums” over “perspectives.” Google also said people can use this filter to hone in on results from hundreds of forums from across the web.

Perspectives not going away. “Other types of content like short videos and UGC, which was previously included in “Perspectives”, will continue to be accessible for relevant queries as carousels, clusters and traditional web page listings on the search results page,” a Google spokesperson told us.

Here is an example of such a perspectives box, but there are many variations:

Google News For You 727x1536 1Google News For You 727x1536 1

Why we care. The name change from “perspectives” to “forums” should make it more clear to searchers what to expect when filtering for those search results. Those users who want to see results in forums, now won’t be confused when they filter specifically by forums.

If you run a forum or write a lot in Reddit or other forums, you may like this feature to find content within those types of websites.


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