Google to issue Display & Video 360 linking recommendations


Google will soon recommend linking your Display & Video 360 advertisers to Google Analytics.

Once it detects an unlinked DV360 advertiser, you may start receiving these recommendations similar to the notification displayed in the image below:

Google Link AccountGoogle Link Account

Why? Linking the DV360 advertiser allows you to export Analytics audiences and conversions to DV360. Additionally, you can view campaign cost data and user engagement data in Analytics, enhancing campaign measurement capabilities.

Why we care. Monitoring campaign performance accurately is crucial for effective optimization and generating progress reports.

How recommendations work. Google says it provides personalized recommendations “to help you get the most useful and accurate data and take advantage of new, relevant features as they become available.” Recommendations are based on your property’s history, settings, and trends observed across Google Analytics.

If your property has recently started running, you may not see any recommendations initially. However, be sure to check back again soon, as Google Analytics regularly identifies and introduces new recommendations tailored for you.

Accessibility. Recommendations are displayed in the Recommendations section of the Home page and appear contextually throughout Google Analytics, positioned at the top or to the right of relevant pages.

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Deep dive. Read Google’s announcement in full for more information.


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