Google removes option to see more local results in the search results

Google has removed the option to click “more” or “view all” under the local pack within the Google Search results. The local results that show up in the main Google search results for locally intended queries, such as pizza near me, dentists near me and so on, now only shows three listings without the option to see more.

What it looks like. Here is a screenshot showing the local pack missing that button to see more results:

Google Local Pack Places More Button GoneGoogle Local Pack Places More Button Gone

Here is an older screenshot showing that under those three local listings, there was a “view all” and often “show more” button:

Google Local Pack Map Interface New 1639067829Google Local Pack Map Interface New 1639067829

Is it a bug or a feature. We have reached out to Google to see if this is an intended feature or if this is unintended. Did Google really remove the option to quickly see more local listings in your area? It just seems to be like this is a bug but again, we have reached out to Google to find out.

Why we care. It is unknown what percentage of searches click to see more local results. I know that I personally often click to see more local places when using this local pack but does the average searcher do that?

Joy Hawkins, a local SEO, wrote that she hopes this is a bug. Most local SEOs and small businesses would not appreciate only the three listings showing without an easy and obvious way to get to see more results.

Fixed. At 9:45 am ET it seems to be back after 16 hours of the button going missing. Here is a screenshot:

Google Local Pack More Button BackGoogle Local Pack More Button Back

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