Google Merchant Center Next will soon support supplemental feeds


Google Merchant Center Next is rolling out support for rules and supplemental feeds early next year.

If marketers require access to these features before then, it’s recommended to stick with the classic mode of the platform. For those who have already migrated to Google Merchant Center Next and need access to these tools, there’s the option to switch back to classic mode.

Google will not start inviting merchants currently using these tools to migrate to GMC Next until they have been set up. All existing rules will continue to function after migrating.

Why we care. This news will bring relief to advertisers, as these features are crucial for optimizing Google Shopping ad performance. Moreover, advertisers who have migrated to GMC Next initially believed they couldn’t find supplemental feeds and rules due to the new interface, but the reality is that these tools are not available on the platform yet.

Switching back to Classic Mode. To revert from GMC Next to classic mode and gain access to rules and supplemental feeds, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Merchant Center.
  2. At the top of the screen, click the Help & feedback icon.
  3. Click Use classic Merchant Center”.
  4. A disclaimer will appear. If you’d still like to continue, click Use classic Merchant Center.
  5. A box will appear allowing you to give feedback on why you’d like to switch. When you’re done, click Submit.
  6. Another disclaimer will appear. Check the box, and click Switch now.
  7. Classic Merchant Center experience will now be available to use.

No return to GMC Next. If you switch back to the classic Merchant Center experience, you won’t have the option to return to the Merchant Center Next until the classic experience is retired. It’s worth considering that features from the classic experience will be gradually incorporated into Merchant Center Next over time. Google is encouraging marketers to stay in Merchant Center Next for the most up-to-date features and functionalities.

Warning. Switching from Merchant Center Next back to the classic Merchant Center may result in the loss of previously added business details and in-store product details. Consider this potential impact before making the switch.

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Deep dive. Read Google Ads Liaison officer Ginny Marvin’s announcement on X in full for more information.


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