Google investigating widespread issue impacting Ad Manager


Google is investigating a widespread issue impacting “the majority” of Ad Manager users.

Affected users can access Google Ad Manager but are seeing error messages, high latency, and/or unexpected behavior.

While the service has now been restored for some, others are still experiencing issues.

Why we care. Publishers experiencing difficulties with Ad Manager, including error messages or slow performance issues, should be aware that the problem lies with Google and not their own systems.

When will the issue be resolved? Google expects a resolution for all users in the “near future” but has not confirmed when that may be.

When did the issue start? Google first reported the problem on January 30 at 5.40pm ET, and confirmed it would provide an update the following day.

What is Google Ad Manager? Google Ad Manager is an ad management platform for large publishers who have significant direct sales. Ad Manager provides granular controls and supports multiple ad exchanges and networks, including AdSense, Ad Exchange, third-party networks, and third-party exchanges.

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Deep dive. Read Google’s update in full for more information.


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