Google Ads launches new tool that automatically generates performance reports


Google Ads launched a new tool simplifying the management and automation of tasks within your account.

The “Solutions” tool, which is available for free in Google Ads under Tools, enables you to quickly and easily generate reports that show you how your campaigns are performing against your business goals and automate simple management tasks.

Solutions explained. Solutions is a user-friendly script suitable for users of all technical levels. It offers customization features for easy report tailoring, including the ability to:

  • Filter your data by campaign, ad group, keyword, and other dimensions.
  • Set flexible budgets.
  • Manage negative keyword lists throughout your account.
  • Sort your data by any metric.
  • Export your reports to a variety of formats, including CSV and XLSX.

Why we care. Solutions quickly generates reports, saving time and effort while helping you monitor your campaign’s performance and business goal achievement more easily.

Getting started. To get started, simply install the solution from the Google Ads Solutions gallery.

Solutions library sunset. In order to try to provide the best possible experience and to avoid duplication of efforts, Google Ads confirmed it will sunset its manual solutions library in the coming months.

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Deep dive. Read Google’s announcement in full for more information.


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