Google Ads launches email series offering tailored optimization tips


Google Ads launched a new email series offering partners customized optimization advice.

Each email is tailored to your client’s account setup, offering recommended solutions to enhance campaign performance.

Why we care. As advertisers continue to face difficulty reaching Google Ads support, these automated emails offer valuable insights to boost campaign performance. Although they are not a replacement for support as they can’t address specific campaign concerns, they offer additional assistance to potentially improve your results.

Multiple account advice. The series will display a list of your clients whose campaigns could benefit from the optimization recommendations, saving the need for individual account reviews.

Direct links. Every client list is directly linked to their Google Ads account, accompanied by detailed next steps. This allows you to take swift action and showcase your expertise effectively.

First spotted. The new email series was first flagged Chris Ridley, Head of Paid Media at Evoluted, on X. He shared a screenshot of an email from Google announcing the new program:

Google Partners EmailGoogle Partners Email

Realistic expectations. Commenting on the potential of the new Google Ads initiative, Ridley told Search Engine Land:

  • “The Partner Performance Guide email series has the potential to be a nice feature for Google Ads specialists, especially team leaders that would love a tailored review of their accounts on a regular basis from Google Ads.”
  • “Even if it’s not human-written recommendations, the growing adoption of conversational AI by Google Ads could allow Google to provide some AI-written summaries and even examples for keywords, headlines and descriptions.”
  • “Realistically though, due to the sheer volume of such an operation, I imagine this will most likely be the MCC-level Recommendation tab in email form, with little additional value added compared to viewing the Recommendations Tab that usually only takes two clicks.”

Why now? Google previously revealed its intentions to continue to invest in AI to improve advertiser results and simplify campaign management. Google Ads liaison officer, Ginny Marvin, also teased back in December:

  • “I do think Support is an area where LLMs/Google AI will be able to make big strides in improving experiences. That’s not happening yet, but work is underway. Stay tuned.”

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