Google Ads finally resolves ‘Confusing Ad Text’ issue for most users


Google Ads finally resolved the “Confusing Ad Text” and other content quality label errors for “the vast majority of affected users”.

For those still impacted by the error messages, which have been ongoing for the past 14 days, the platform confirmed it would continue working to restore the service.

Appeals. The backlog for self-service appeals related to “Confusing Ad Text” and other content quality labels has now been brought down to normal levels, so if you do wish to file an appeal, processing should be quicker than it has been.

Some appeals are currently in progress, and the asset-level labels have already been removed. You can ignore these appeals safely, as they will automatically expire after 5 days.

Why we care. If your campaign is still affected by these issues, rest assured that the problem is on Google Ads’ end, and the platform is expected to resolve it shortly.

What Google is saying. If you’re still impacted by these issues, Google suggests taking specific steps until the issue is resolved on their end:

  • “The only known work-around at this time is for an advertiser to upload new assets / edit existing assets to replace those that are currently labeled. E.g. The text asset labeled for Confusing Text ‘Buy this now’ could be edited to ‘Buy this today’ and the new asset will not be labeled.”

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Deep dive. Read Google’s announcement in full for more information.


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