GA4 adds instant support options and new video tutorials


Google Analytics 4 introduced new instant support features to assist users in navigating the platform more effectively.

Additionally, a set of new GA4 video tutorials was launched on YouTube, offering detailed guidance on extracting more meaningful insights from your website’s data.

The additional support and guidance for navigating GA4 will prove particularly valuable for those still grappling with the platform, especially after the forced migration from Universal Analytics last summer.

New features. You can access the new support tools in GA4 by locating the grey question mark icon in the top-right corner. Clicking on this icon will reveal a drop-down menu containing four new features:

  • Learn about this page: This guide explains how to use the features on your current Google Analytics page in detail.
  • Start tour: You can start a guided tour, if available, to learn step-by-step procedures related to the current page.
  • Get more help: For more help, you can explore the Google Analytics Help Center or participate in the Google Analytics Help Community.
  • Send feedback: You can now share your feedback with the Google Analytics team when you encounter an issue.

Below is a preview of the new support offering on GA4:

Ga4 Support 800x300Ga4 Support 800x300

YouTube tutorials. In addition to GA4’s new help features, Google released a series of new video tutorials on YouTube to provide users with practical guidance on using GA4 more effectively. The covered modules in the series include:

  • How to find where your users are coming from in Acquisition Reports.
  • How to discover different ways in which users are interacting with your site or app using Engagement Reports.
  • Measuring ecommerce performance using monetization reports.
  • Idenitfying unexpected trends using Google Analytics reports.
  • Reports and UI.

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Deep dive. Read Google’s announcement in full for more information.

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