In this age and time where the internet holds sway and people cannot do without being online, Lifestyle activities, educational activities, and even business have found one way or the other to relocate to where the masses have migrated, which is “online”.

It is not news again to see that most small, medium and even large businesses now include Instagram, Facebook and web sites on their contact forms or banners.

But with the mass migration of small and medium businesses online, it shouldn’t just be a case of following the customers. They should also be able to reach out to the customers and make themselves known. There is no point in following your customers online if you do not know how to get them to know you and buy from you.

Now, this is where digital marketing come into play. Digital marketing is the advertising of a business’s products or services using digital methods in order to drive sales. There are a lot of digital marketing techniques out there but we would be examining four of the most important strategies.


  1. SEO– This is an acronym that means Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization is the process of making a web page easy to find. SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. About 1.4 billion searches are made on just the Google search engine every day. Now let’s assume that you sell oranges, an someone makes a search on how to make orange juice. The probability of your webpage where you sell oranges to come up amongst the top 10 searches is the effect of SEO marketing.

            SEO marketing is used to push your business page out into the faces of prospective buyers whenever they search for related words on any search engine. But to go the SEO route you have to understand some basics. Like, who your target market is, what devices they would be searching from(mostly mobile devices though), what sort of search engines they would be using and what they would be searching for.

            If you have the knowledge of this, you will know how to build your site for mobile compatibility and how to fashion and embed keywords in your site posts to make them easy to be picked up by search engine. When this is done, your site would rapidly be pushed to the front page of search engines for your customers to see.

  2. EMAIL MARKETING: Just as the name suggests, it is the use of email letters and posts  to advertise your products and services. This is really not difficult if you have a mailing list and a target audience. All you have to do is create a mailing list of your target audience (mailing lists are usually on sale these days for different audiences), create a very catchy subject for the mail(this would determine if they would read your mail or not), write an interesting mail body(it is a good idea to add testimonials in the mail) and finally add a call to action to prompt them to take a buying action.

3. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: With the advent of different social media platforms came the need to be able to showcase and advertise goods and services on the platforms. Social media marketing is the process of displaying adverts on your target customers social media pages to drive traffic and sales. Most times social media marketing comes at a cost. Though minimal, it depends on the number of persons you want to reach and your preferences. The more the people reached the more cost. Social media marketing is a very important tool in digital marketing because the platforms have statistics of the most visited platform every single day.

Before going into social media marketing, you have to have created great content, built and brand image, noted down your target audience and cut out a budget for it. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ads are known to be the most successful ad campaigns in the year 2020.

4. CONTENT MARKETING: Content marketing is a strategic marketing technique which deals with creating and distributing relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a target audience to ultimately drive sales through customer action. In content marketing, content is key. Using this strategy of digital marketing, your sole and the only tool is the content you provide. The content must be engaging, relevant and able to keep your audience coming back for more. The content can be any of: pictures, articles or posts, videos, and audios. This type of marketing is cost-effective and usually inculcates SEO and sometimes social media marketing in it. The very interesting thing about content marketing is that customers retained are usually very loyal to your cause.


Finally, digital marketing strategies are the way to go for small business in 2020. The world is evolving and it’s evolving around the internet, so it’s wiser to follow suit and evolve your business and marketing strategies around the internet too. By the way, it’s far cheaper and less stressful than conventional marketing.

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