ChatGPT makes links more prominent

ChatGPT now features “more prominent” links to sources in its responses for paid users, OpenAI announced. However, links won’t appear in the free version of ChatGPT, which anyone can now access without needing to sign-up for an account.

Why we care. Brands, SEOs and content creators of all sizes have been extremely considered about the parasitic nature of generative AI. Large AI companies like OpenAI have consumed large amounts of web content and provided answers without attribution. The addition of links is a step in the right direction. However, it’s unknown whether people will actually click on those links.

What it looks like. The links (or citations) appear as website names in parentheses.

ChatGPT adds more prominent links

What OpenAI is saying. OpenAI announced this via an X post:

  • “We’re making links more prominent when ChatGPT browses the internet. This gives more context to its responses and makes it easier for users to discover content from publishers and creators. Browse is available in ChatGPT Plus, Team and Enterprise.”

A step toward search. While many argue that what OpenAI does isn’t search or information retrieval (as we know it today), OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has nonetheless signaled interest in making a less boring version of Google. And there have been rumors about ChatGPT developing a web search product.

In an interview, Altman said he has no interest in being another Google, but does want to figure out how to integrate ChatGPT with Search:

  • “That would be an example of a cool thing. I don’t think anyone has cracked the code on yet. I would love to go do that. I think that would be cool,” Altman said.

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