AI is only as smart as the data you feed it


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Data has become the driving force behind financial resilience and success, giving marketers the challenge of navigating rising CPCs and automation. The need for advanced analytics and harnessing first-party data has never been more crucial to maximizing revenue and profitability. Enter the world of predictive analytics, where the key to above-and-beyond search performance lies in the strategic use of AI technologies and the integration of your own customer data, marketing data and web analytics data.

Join Matt Zeiger, VP of technology at Adlucent, in his informative SMX Next session as he unveils how to use first-party data to create predictive models. Discover how activating these models on Google Ads campaigns can lead to unparalleled performance outcomes. 

Watch the session here and learn how to connect data across channels and use a comprehensive framework for handling connected data. You’ll also get these essential takeaways:

  • Using cloud technology for insights: Understand how cloud-based AI can unite diverse data sets, providing valuable insights that fuel marketing performance.
  • Optimizing performance media campaigns: Implement new strategies to leverage predictive models in various campaigns, driving targeted results.
  • Empowering business efficiency: Learn why adopting data-backed decision-making can enable businesses to streamline operations and achieve heightened financial efficiency.

After watching the session, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the complexities of AI-driven marketing and leverage predictive analytics for unparalleled success.

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