How Do Ad Blockers Work and Do They Impact Your Marketing Strategy?

Adblock isn’t something new it has been in existence. Digital marketing and advertising can normally be compared to having to switch channels when an advert comes up on the television, skipping ads on YouTube or some websites probably because maybe you are not interested or you just want to see what else is showing. In this blog post, we are going to talk about ad blocking, how it works, how it affects marketing strategy for brands and businesses, and how you can get the best Houston SEO ad-blocking strategy to help you in targeting better.


Is Ad blocking Legal and Safe?

Now you may be wondering if using ad blockers is legal and safe. Using ad blockers is legal, first of all, because websites have every right to decide on whatever they want to show to their audience. Users also decide if they want to consume such content or not. It is also safe, as long as you are using reliable software and hire a reliable Pearland SEO company expert. Although it is not 100% guaranteed to save your site from any viruses.


Reasons Why People Use Adblocker

A survey was taken by the HubSpot marketing team to ask people how they view ads and why they’re installed as blockers. A lot of people have given reasons, three of them being more popular than others. They include:

  • Annoying: many users see pop-up ads are extremely annoying and distracting, so they get so angry when going through a website and it keeps popping up. Google has published an update against pop-up ads to be used on Chrome.
  • Autoplay Video Ads interrupts: You can imagine the way people feel once they want to watch a video, instead they get bamboozled by AutoPlay video ads. This happens on platforms like YouTube.
  • Sometimes Ads may not really be Ads but malware.


How Does Adblock Work

Adblock works to prevent websites that are blacklisted from appearing on your page. It happens that while your website is still loading on your user’s mobile device or desktop, the ad blocker would crawl through many website domains and compare it to a blacklist. For example, you may create a list of websites or domains that you have restricted from appearing on your page. So the ad blocker’s job is to compare the list and Flag any suspicious domain from loading. This may be a difficult strategy, especially being new in the digital marketing business and you may want to hire a Pearland SEO expert to do the job


Speaking of different types of ad blockers, there are the ‘Aggressive’ ad blockers that block all types or formats of ads. While there are the’ Liberal’ ad blockers that are selective of the type of ads they Block.


Impact of ad blocking on your Marketing Strategy

In a nutshell, ad-blocking can actually make your marketing strategy very effective.

  1. Ad blockers also create a structure whereby only good and sustainable ads are shown. No matter whether you install or do not install adblock, those ads are like bad advertisements to some users and such advertisements can actually ruin the reputation of your brand. When some of your users notice that your website is filled with lots of ads that are not meaningful to them, they might not want to go to your site.


  1. On marketing campaigns, ad blockers may be a little more effective as it filters out people who won’t be interested in some types of ads and people who will not convert. In this way, it reduces the amount you spend on ads, as well as leads to more specific targeting of the audience who would be really interested. This is a format for gaining more organic traffic.


  1. Ad blockers may also have some impact on your website Analytics. You might stand a risk of losing data that tracks your site and gives you a report of how your site is currently doing.




The advertising industry has tremendously changed in recent times due to the ad-blocking effects initiated by websites to stop intrusive ads from displaying on their page. This has given people the opportunity to have a seamless user experience. So far, it is best for advertisers to utilize this opportunity to create unintrusive ads for people, understanding what is valuable and useful for the audience.

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