8 WordPress SEO Tips To Rank Number 1

If you are a content manager you should be familiar with some common CMS available. WordPress also happens to be one of the top-rated CMS used by millions of businesses in managing their content. It is a free and Seo friendly tool as it helps you get more traffic to your website. You don’t just start getting traffic because you are using WordPress you need to incorporate SEO into it by getting some of the best SEO practices. Even if you are not sure what those practices are, you can meet with any Houston SEO company for content management services. They Surely have experts who can put you through some of the requirements to rank higher. WordPress is SEO friendly, but as a blogger or content manager, there are still some practices you need to follow so as to maximize every Seo effort. If you want to know some WordPress SEO tips to help you rank number 1 on search results, read on.

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and is a technique used by most brands and businesses to drive traffic to their website. This mostly happens when your page is formatted in a way that makes it easy for Search Engines to crawl and find your website. For this to happen, you need to have relevant pages and optimize them with relevant keywords.

Tips To Rank Number 1 On Search Engines

Here are some WordPress SEO Tips that would help boost your page to the Number 1 spot.

1. Use SEO-friendly URL

Your URL needs to contain words or text that explains the content of your page. Make your URL relevant in such a way that it can be easily read and understood by both users and search engines. By looking at your page URL, users need to know what they would find on your page or blog. If your URL is not SEO friendly, then it would be made up of text that can’t be understood by users or search engines. Pearland SEO experts can help you structure the URL in a way that it can be understood by users.

2. Add Your Site To Google Search Console

Google search console gives website or brand owners a glimpse of the overall performance of their website and how it is seen and perceived by users. It is more like a report of analytics that tells website owners how people see their website, and the keywords used in searching for their website. It also alerts the website owner if there is something wrong or if there is a shift in trend. In summary, it tells you what is working and what isn’t. If you are finding it difficult to navigate or understand the Google search console, a Pearland SEO company can save you the stress of analyzing the reports and insights.

3. Use Tags And Categories

This may be a little confusing for new users but categories are a broad group of classifications for content on a website.
You can manage your content by topics on WordPress by sorting them out into tags and categories. This would also help search engines understand how your website contents are structured.
For example, if you own a food web page, the category of blog posts you can include on that page include; Recipes, Kitchen equipment, Dieting, Pregnancy meals, and so on. Tags are a bit more specific and describe what one content on your page talks about. For example, under the kitchen equipment category, you can have tags such as frying equipment or Baking tools.

4. Optimize Your Website Speed

People easily get frustrated and can leave a web page if it isn’t loading on time. That is why you need to always optimize your website speed. You only have a few seconds to wow your users with good loading speed for both text and images. Google favors the users and cares about the user experience on each website which is why they only Rank fast-loading websites at the top.

5. Security Of Your Website

For your website to have a good ranking you need to have good security. Failure to have good security for your website will open up your website to hackers and this would waste all your hard work. You may need to set up a password, always install a backup solution on WordPress and try to use a security plugin such as Sucuri Security and also enable the firewall.

6. Set Up Your SSL Certificate

This is a confirmed ranking factor. You may also need to encrypt your certificate and ensure all the data your site contains are encrypted too. You can activate an SSL certificate on WordPress and there are various resources that would guide you to it. It Is easy to set up the certificate on your new website but if your website is more than 6 months old, you may need a developer to help set it up.

7. Create Subfolders For Your Pages

On WordPress, a URL is created for every content you create and also for every page. That is why it is necessary to create sub-folders where you can nest all your pages. It is best for you to nest similar pages into one sub-folder. Search engines usually understand structural and arranged websites.

8. Create Great Content

This is the last on our list but never the least. What is your website without great content? What is your website if users can’t get valuable information about a topic from your page?
It is easy to rank on the search engine as they recognize pages with relevant content because that would be what the users are looking for.
Starting your website on WordPress does not guarantee that your website will rise to the top quickly. There are lot of work you need to do in the background. If you aren’t aware, Google does not side with any CMS, which is why you need to create valuable content first before starting other SEO practices listed above. You can also hire SEO agencies in Houston to help set your website on the right track.

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