8 Common Buyer Motives to Consider for Your Business in 2023

Picture this, if you could read people’s minds, especially your target audience to actually see why they are buying from you or reasons why they buy from your brand. Don’t you think that would make your marketing campaign a lot less stressful? But the reality is we don’t have the ability to read people’s minds, that is why we have to get the Motives people use when they’re trying to make a purchase.  Houston Seo professionals have mapped out that most customers have their decision-making process based on motivational factors, emotional factors, and other practicalities. In this blog post, we have compiled 8 Common Buyer Motives that you can use for marketing campaigns.

What Is A Buyer Motive?

A buyer motive is the different set of factors that contribute to or influence the purchasing decision of the customer. It is the various motivational, emotional feelings and intellect that would influence the idea of your customer purchasing your product.

8 Common Buyer Motives

  1. More Financial Returns

The customers who are interested in creating more financial reforms for themselves as those who are taking your product to help themselves or their business.  This type of buyer motive only occurs in the B2B form of marketing, in which you as a seller are selling to another business. So, businesses and brands patronize you because your product would help them or help the organization in a way, by increasing productivity, reducing stress, and helping them to focus better on more important tasks. While structuring your campaign, you should focus more on social proof. How you have helped other companies achieve what you promised. Pearland Seo professionals can also help you add testimonials and reviews from other companies, this would assure your credibility and sincerity.

  1. Need

Some customers purchase products based on their present needs. For example, they saw something that they like and thought it could solve their present problem. In this type of marketing strategy, the brand puts out a problem and describes it in such a way that it really talks to the buyers and addresses their present problem. This makes the buyer more motivated to buy products. Eventually, some of the customers may figure out that they did not really need the product in the first place. Pearland Seo experts can help you organize your marketing campaign with this form of motive in mind.

  1. Fear Of Missing Out

The fear motive is another very important one that most marketers or companies selling products use for their marketing campaigns. The fear tactic might seem very cheap and old-fashioned, but it has been proven to work a lot. When you tell customers about the impact of not doing a particular thing or the impact of not getting a particular product, they begin to feel that they must get that product in order to mitigate the said impact. This can generate sales.

  1. Fulfilled Dreams

When you follow this tactic to strategize your marketing campaign you are giving your customers a glimpse into the future that they have always wanted. Many people desire so many things and there is a way you can structure your campaign to suit them and suit their aspirations.  Examples of such Motives can be seen in healthy meal plan templates for planners being sold to people who desire to lose weight or maintain a proper healthy diet,  Coursework, and certification for people who desire to live better or to improve a particular skill.

  1. Impulse Buying

People will always buy on impulse if they are excited about a particular product or excited about a situation surrounding a particular product. Examples of such a situation could be a discount sale, maybe a 50% discount sale on a particular product that is normally expensive or flash sales.   Even big brands can use this to their advantage, for example, the latest Apple products can cause impulse buying because people are always excited because of its new features.

  1. Health Benefits

Health is a major selling point for most Industries now. If your product has health benefits, it would enhance your marketing campaign because many people are looking for products that won’t cause any harm to their health. With Benefits associated with health, the product is down to sell. For Your campaign, you can use social proof such as the scientific study of your products or scientific benefits of a product.

  1. Pleasure

This sort of buyer motive focuses on advertising your product mostly for the pleasures it avails the customers. The advertising would Focus mainly on why your customers need to treat themselves to something good once in a while so as to relax and wind down for the day. In this form of advertising, you can talk about the effects of stress and too much work and focus on why they need your product to relax.

  1. Pride Of Ownership

If your brand has already made a name for itself then this form of buyer motive can be applied whenever your brand needs to do a marketing campaign. Some customers just enjoy the fact that they own a particular product or a particular accessory because of the pride that comes with it. So in this marketing campaign, you should stress on how much respect would be added to your name once they have your product.


When you understand different buyers’ motives, it would give your brand an edge over others and would help you to structure your campaign in a way that it would draw your customers toward you. Buyers’ motives differ and so you must know how well customers need your product and what advert method would for them.



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