7 Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

Year in and Year out brands and businesses have seen how social media has evolved and keeps evolving to better serve its users. Any brand or business that has a social media presence and hopes to be known or perform better should get familiar with the trends and be able to adjust to them when the time comes. With over 4 billion social media users worldwide, it is sure that your target audience is on one or more social media platforms.

Trends are updates that help to point brands in the right direction in order to know what would work. It helps brands grow, succeed, build awareness, or generate more leads. Trends may not be easy to spot quickly. That is why you need to hire a Houston SEO company that can quickly fish out some of the newest updates.  For the year 2023, we have compiled a list of 7 trends you should watch out for.

TikTok will Become Bigger

Tiktok has been growing vastly since the pandemic. Many people used it mainly to make short videos and keep other people entertained. Nowadays, brands use it to get a wider audience with good advertising. Tiktok has also added several more updates that would also help people target that audience either locally or globally such updates include the launch of native ads format with spark ads. That alone is enough to boost sales and revenues. Pearland SEO companies can help you build a relevant Tiktok presence that would improve your business.

A Social Media Strategy

You can never go wrong with a good social media strategy. That is why brands that want to be more intentional about building brand awareness and engagement would adopt this strategy. You need to be putting your brand out there through useful content, campaigns, and marketing strategies. To have a good social media strategy you need to set goals that align with your brand values; it could be more sales, engagement, or followers. Pearland SEO experts can also help you perform market research to know what your competitors are doing and what type of content resonates with your audience the most. You also need to optimize your profile, niche down your content, and keep track of performance.

Rise Of User Generated Content

In 2023 User Generated content would be used by brands who seek to obtain loyal audiences and build more engagement. User Generated contents are contents Generated by users for social media. This type of content can take many forms. For example, Images, photos, reviews, or testimonials. User Generated Content can come from customers or employees. These types of content are loved because of their authenticity.

AI Marketing

The world is gradually becoming revolutionary and AI tools are taking over the creative market. They’re now used to create images and content based on the prompts given. These tools are preferred because they can develop error-free content faster. It would create more benefits for industries with little manpower. They can also create highly engaging social media captions.

Short Form Videos

Tiktok was the first platform to establish short-form videos and a lot of Gen Z really got into it. It is widely used because it can unscramble even the most complex ideas into simple forms within a few seconds to one minute and that will be a great advantage to brands. Humans have a short attention span and can only get to give their attention for the first few seconds, which is why videos are a good way to grab their attention through both visuals and audio. Other platforms have begun to utilize short-form video options. For example, YouTube shorts or Facebook reels. This can also get more traffic to your website or get more leads for your business.

Rise In Social Audio

While planning your social media strategy for 2023 you should not ignore the impact of social audio. Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn have introduced this feature and it has served as a lead magnet for businesses and brands to grow. You may decide to test this feature for your business this year to know if some of your target audience may be interested.

Social Media Advertising Tops it All

In 2023 it has been predicted that companies and brands would spend more on social media advertising in order to build more brand awareness and get their pages in front of their target audience. You can also decide to budget for local ads so that you can reach out to people around you. You can also decide to use Geofencing to increase your return on ads spent.



To grow your business on social media you need to utilize these upcoming trends as it would have a positive impact on your business. In all, know what works for your brand and work towards that. Make sure each trend you plan to do also has an impact on your social media strategies. You need to put your values in the forefront.

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