7 key metrics to measure content effectiveness


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Measuring content performance in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing is a critical factor for success.

Beyond the familiar metrics that have long-defined content performance, effective content strategy is more nuanced and requires more thought to measure success. Contrary to the common belief that low traffic equates to ineffective content, the issue might lie in ranking or conversion, not necessarily the quality of the content itself.

In his informative SMX Next session, Wayne Cichanski, VP of search and site experience at iQuanti, hones in on the intricacies of digital content, specifically emphasizing its identity and role on websites. Learn how to move beyond the conventional yardsticks and use a holistic evaluation considering the diverse facets of consumer interaction and engagement. 

The presentation focuses on the seven metrics crucial for a comprehensive evaluation of content:

  1. Consumer demand matching: Align content with what consumers are actively searching for, ensuring appropriate terminology.
  1. Topical journey coverage: Content must cover the entire user journey—from awareness to consideration and decision-making.
  1. Topical depth: The significance of measuring how deeply each topic is covered, ensuring that content adequately addresses audience needs.
  1. Relevancy: Assess content alignment with user search intent at the cluster and individual page levels.
  1. Tonality and voice matching: The necessity of language, tone and imagery resonating with the target audience and persona.
  1. Engagement metrics: Metrics such as scroll depth, bounce rate, and time on page to gauge user engagement and interest.
  1. Influence conversion rate: The concept of evaluating the indirect impact of content on the overall conversion rate, considering the role of different pages in the user journey.

Tune into the session and learn how these seven metrics can guide you to a more comprehensive and insightful assessment of web content effectiveness.

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