5 Work from Home Jobs You Won’t Regret Taking

You Won’t Regret Taking these 5 Work from Home Jobs

Are you thinking of leaving the mundane office job you have and work from home? Due to the current situation, more industries are taking steps to allowing employees to adapt this particular setup. Especially during times such as now when there is a global pandemic, companies who work from home are more likely to retain their employees as this work setup gives a sense of security when the health sector encourages the public to stay indoors. 

But as the economy slowly opens up, does it feel like you want to find work from home jobs that you can do in the long term? You might feel discouraged at the moment but companies are now considering keeping the work from home setup as it can positively influence employee satisfaction and performance. Even if you take a look at work from home jobs hiring now, you’ll see that it included a variety of jobs that you can do or even – already doing.

Here are a few jobs to consider that you can easily apply for online:

Remote Customer Service

The call center industry that offers customer service support was one of the first ones to adapt and adjust to the situation. Since the pandemic started many work from home customer service jobs have been popping up considering the quick turnover of employees, especially in this industry. Having to provide customer service from home can be challenging as it requires more than just the high-speed internet and a computer to work from. You’ll also need noise-cancelling earphones or headsets with a mic if you are expected to provide support via phone calls. But, if you have all the necessities to provide remote customer service, then it can become a very fulfilling and fun experience. 

Virtual Assistant for Admin and Data Entry Tasks

Even before Covid-19, work from home opportunities have been pretty popular especially those that include administrative and data entry tasks. With the use of cloud storage in most corporations and businesses, there has been a demand in assistants who can help you with admin tasks that require organizational skills and attention to details. This is why getting a virtual assistant has been very common. Tasks can include creating reports, day-to-day filing, and even data entry work. It might seem boring to most but to some, this could be the ideal job for them as it provides the same office experience but you do it from home or anywhere you are working from. If you’re the type that loves helping a business work, then this could be the right job for you.

Writing and Editing

Some companies might impose a very stringent work from home policy but there is a work from home job that has been around for a very long time now – writing and editing content, articles, copy, and more. Wordsmiths have been working freelance on a per output basis and it does pay pretty well especially for those who have been doing it for a while. Now, there are even more writing and editing job opportunities that adapt a variety of terms and setups. Writing jobs can be very lax or very strict when it comes to policy but the good thing is that you can provide it as long as you have the expertise which is something very desirable to corporations and small businesses alike.


One of the most useful services any content creator can find are transcribing services. And these services work with a bunch of transcribers that do the job in high quality and formatted according to the requirements. These days, transcribers have also become in demand and it is a work from home opportunity you might want to take a closer look at. For this job, you simply need good listening and typing skills. The key is accuracy in details so that you don’t submit an output with any errors. Definitely, the difficult part is quality control so this is for you if  you’re a perfectionist who wants to get it right every single time.

Online Education

There has been a good increase of work from home opportunities for those who can provide valuable education and instruction. Companies have been hiring online educators long before Covid-19 and it is a thriving industry especially for those whose passion is to educate others no matter which part of the world they come from. This also serves as good training for educators who can meet and learn from teaching a wide variety of students from varying age, race, and more. With the increasing platforms for online education, there is no limit to what you can teach online. Even fitness instructors offer virtual instruction and guidance these days.

Do you think these jobs are for you? If you do, then you surely won’t regret it. There are many work from home job offerings out there you can take on. All you have to do is be patient and focus on your goals. If you are looking to make an income working from home, then learn more here.

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