4 Ways To Create A Real Estate Social Media Content Calendar


For the past several years, the majority of people who are looking for a home have done it online.

As a result of the proliferation of advertising platforms and marketplaces, the landscape for real estate brokers has changed in terms of exposure and audience reach. Given that social media was one of the most recently developed channels, it was necessary to construct a real estate social media calendar.

Because the social distance lifestyle has been a part of our lives for about two years, the real estate industry, like nearly all other businesses, has seen a significant shift in its methods.

Instead of holding open houses and scheduling a large number of showings in a single afternoon, agents are now spending significantly more time working behind the screen, whether it is streaming video walk-throughs for multiple customers at the same time or collaborating with other videographers to create 3D tours of properties.

Facebook Is Being Used To Reach Each Segment

First create your Facebook business page. It is more official than publishing to a personal account on a social networking site. It provides you with access to business-related resources such as page analytics and the ability to promote postings to your target demographic. When it comes to graphics, high-resolution photographs and videos perform best, so be sure to include eye-catching visuals in every post you create.

Because the Facebook algorithm favors posts that generate a high degree of interaction, ask questions to encourage comments or post content that your followers would enjoy, such as information about an upcoming local event, in the hopes that they would like and share your content.

Instagram For Realtors

Every post on Instagram will need to be aesthetically appealing because this is a potent medium for promoting the aesthetics of your property assets. Put all of your contact information, as well as any other information, in the caption that goes with the photo. If you have a business page on Facebook, you may use swipe up to attract more attention and referrals to your real estate website.

Linkedin For Real Estate Circles

Because Linkedin is the hub for professionals, you may construct a Linkedin corporate profile to make your firm appear more reputable. Alternatively, you may make modifications to your profile and, if you own a business, you can create a page just for it. Connecting with other real estate agents on LinkedIn, as well as communicating with brokerages and engaging with current customers, may be quite beneficial. Additionally, you may post articles on trending issues such as rent control, mortgages, and other industry-related themes and attract a large number of subscribers.

Twitter To Keep Up With Realtor News

Twitter is all about keeping up with the news and setting the tone. You can build your real estate social media calendar for Twitter based on industry news, republishing and curating content around a certain specialty to appeal to both buyers and your peers.

Twitter To Keep Up With Realtor News
Twitter To Keep Up With Realtor News

What If You Used A Real Estate Social Media Content Planner To Create Content For Each Of Them?

Theoretically, adopting the platforms indicated above and taking advantage of all of their features appears to be the best course of action.

However, in fact, developing a social media content strategy for each platform, creating a customized content schedule for real estate accounts across numerous platforms, and keeping them all organized are not the kinds of chores you can complete on your own and during your working hours.

Content planning, automation, and publication may all be accomplished with the use of publishing technologies like Later. Also keep in mind that you may be charged for the features you use and that you may be charged in the future.

  • Add Hashtags To Your Real Estate Content Calendar

Hashtags may be used to classify postings, increase participation, draw attention to a certain specialty, improve a brand’s image, and target a specific audience, among other things (and vice versa). With seasoning salt, a pinch may make a significant impact on the overall flavor of a dish. However, if we are being completely honest, neither too much nor too little should be utilized. Similarly, employing hashtags for your real estate social media schedule is a good practice to follow.

If you want to use hashtags efficiently, you should research what hashtags are currently being used by competitions, businesses, and customer profiles to get an idea of how to come up with better hashtags. For example, some hashtags during specific periods (let’s say it’s about mortgage regulation in your country and it’s a trending issue) may generate unimaginable Twitter interaction and followers.

Don’t spend your time relying just on popular hashtags or trending subjects to garner attention. Analyze your target audience and create your trend subject to optimize your content schedule for real estate and more profitable conversion rates.

  • Use Visual Editors Like Canva For Real Estate Posts

You are well aware of the importance of first impressions in sales. Make your real estate material more visually appealing!

A well-decorated home is more likely to sell… On social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin, professionally altered wide-angle interior images of contemporary lifestyle templates in soothing color tones may be offered.

Use Visual Editors Like Canva For Real Estate Posts
Use Visual Editors Like Canva For Real Estate Posts

To enhance your real estate material, you may also utilize Canva for real estate agents which offers hundreds of customizable and editable templates, photos, and graphics that are ready to be used right now.

  • Success Stories And Customer Testimonials

One of the most valuable aspects of real estate social media postings is the chance to share your successes with clients to build relationships with them.

When it comes to choosing an agent or organization, your clients have a plethora of options, thus the more evidence you can show of your delighted clientele, the better.

That is why we see so many photographs that capture the narrative of a client, which culminates in their final day of business with us.

  • Post Consistently On Social Media Platforms:

Maintaining a continuous social media presence is essential for creating a trustworthy online reputation. This is due in part to human psychology and in part to social media algorithmic decisions, as previously stated. To cultivate any form of effective connection, it is necessary to have regular touch and communication with the other party, and social media is no exception.

  1. Content from people who submit consistently appears to be promoted by algorithms. The result of this is that you will not be able to avoid performing your social media homework regularly.
  2. Fortunately, there are a variety of methods for automating your real estate social media marketing. First and foremost, set aside a block of time to plan out your content schedule for the coming week in preparation. You will not have to filter and upload information on a daily basis as a result of this.
  3. Second, invest in a platform that will allow you to plan out your content ahead of time. These social media management solutions also provide you the ability to filter through and reply to user comments and messages from across several platforms and social media platforms.
  4. While you’re planning your content ahead of time, don’t forget to study and prepare the hashtags that will be used in conjunction with your postings. Hashtags are a wonderful method to assist social media users to locate your material, which may result in more likes and follows for your account.


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