10 Google Business Profile Ranking Factors You Don’t Need to Worry About.

Maybe you just started your Google business profile, and you are seeking ways to help you increase your SEO. Also, you can rank on search engines and increase the conversion rates on your site. There are so many resources out there that talk about ranking factors for Google business profiles. Like Google regular updates, there are a thousand different ranking factors Google considers before ranking a website. These factors are dynamic and change every now and then so it may be difficult to get it right immediately unless you hire a professional Houston SEO expert. Well are so many ranking factors that Google uses to rank a website this article is going to talk about a few of the most important ranking factors

There are parts of a Google profile page structure that have a high impact on ranking factors, while there are some that have moderate impacts on ranking factors. A few others have low or zero impact so this overview will help you know where to solely focus on in order to get your ranking game on


  • Profile structure has a very high impact on ranking factors. This includes your business name, a landing page, a category section, a contact page, and a review section.
  • Here are a few profile structures that give a moderate boost to the ranking factors. They include responses to reviews, alt text, and images on the landing page.
  • Here are the profile structures that have a very low impact on the search engine ranking factors; keywords being used in reviews, and FAQ section.

10 Google Business Profile Ranking Factors

Some of the factors that influence the ranking factors of your Google business page

  1. Optimizing Your Landing Page

Your landing page is as important as your business name and your categories. It has to include content that is well-structured and also should be connected to your homepage If your business has a singular location. Also, there is an option to create a landing page within the Google business profile but that landing page may not rank well. A Professional Pearland SEO company can help you create a well-optimized landing page

  1. Business Name

Your Google business profile business name is a very important ranking Factor. It is what your target audience would see first. You should prioritize putting your target keyword in your business name. When putting your target keyboard, you shouldn’t put so many keywords as it will be called “keyword cannibalism” which would eventually lower your ranking. Google continues to update its ranking factors and they have enlisted keyword cannibalism as a negative ranking Factor for your Google business profile. In order to avoid this you need to fix relevant keywords or hire a Pearland SEO expert who can perform comprehensive keyword research for your business.

  1. Business Address

If you are running an on-site or digital Business, then your address in your Google business profile is as important as your business name. This is one of the ranking factors used by Google. It is very important because you are guaranteed to rank best if the location which is verified on your listing is close to your address. One very good ranking Factor is if your target keyword is a city in which your business is located, for example, a city in South Africa Johannesburg is in your address and your verified listing area is Johannesburg, your Google business profile is bound to rank in such an area. Another factor that may make you rank on your addresses is if there is a significant rise in search intent in that particular area where your business is located.

  1. Categories

There are two types of categories; primary and secondary. The primary is more important and affects your ranking figures more than the secondary. This is why you should be able to maximize the impact of your primary categories more than the secondary categories. The secondary categories are as good as a backup plan, which would help you rank more. It is relevant to say that you have to continue optimizing your strategy in order to keep adding to your secondary category

  1. Images

There seem to be a lot of arguments for this one. Some say it isn’t a ranking Factor while order says it is. Google has also stated that it can help to boost local ranking. Generally, images can help drive engagement and sales. It also gives your business a human Torch which is a fundamental reason for more sales in a business.

  1. Reviews

This tool also has been given a lot of misconceptions and some people have said it isn’t a ranking Factor. If you have up to 10 reviews,  it increases the chances of your business profile ranking. As your review numbers continue to grow, your business profile continues to rank.

  1. Star Rating

Even though a star rating does not have an impact on your profile on search engines, it does improve your local SEO.

  1. Optimize Your Profile Listing

Always ensure that your Google business profile listing is targeted toward your target audience. This means you should have your target audience search Intent in mind. You should also use specific keywords such as; Location, trying to use keyboards that are specific to the physical location of your business. Also, use service keywords that point out some of the services you offer or the product you sell.  This will help whenever your audience searches for a particular service they want.

  1. Responding to Reviews

When you continuously respond to reviews on your profile, you begin to increase your credibility and your professionalism. This is a key strategy to winning more conversions. This will also show that you are active and more positive reviews will come i

  1. FAQ Section

Companies use the FAQ section to rank higher on Google business profiles. This FAQ  is an abbreviation for ‘Frequently Asked Question’. This is when a company puts out questions and answers on its profiles. These questions and answers would be related to their products, services, or anything related to their business, to help people know more about them as well as increase their ranking.


Your Google business profile can actually open doors in terms of creating more awareness of your business. It also increases customer retention. This is why it is very important to optimize your profile so that he can get into the eyes of many others.


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