January 10, 2019


Over the years Deo Marketing Solutions have worked with several clients in different industries


Services provided: SEO Services

July 2018 to date

  • SEO Audit
  • On-page optimization
  • Technical SEO resolution
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Off-page optimization

We have been able to rank several keywords to page one including ” SEO Expert NYC” which is number one on Google. We create regularly SEO content to drive traffic to the website. Revenue and traffic have increased over 40% since we have started with this company.



Services provided

SEO and Social Media Management

September 2018 to date

We provide social traffic growth services and engagement. Instagram pages have grow from a thousand to over seven thousand followers through organic strategy. Facebook engagement have increase by 50% since conception.

SEO services includes on-page and off page services. Revenue and Traffic from SEO and Social Media efforts is over 70% on a monthly basis.


A Shopify client

Services provided: SEO, Social Media Management and Email Marketing.

Jan 2018 to date

We provide full digital marketing services for a shopify client, over email marketing involved drip campaigns, create landing pages, AB testing, paid and organic social media campaigns to increase traffic and ROI.

View Google Analytics of client: https://bit.ly/2STLX3c


Social Media Services

We are experienced in creating content, management and optimization of paid and organic social media platform

Example of Instagram engagement strategy

1.    I like 10-15 relevant posts
2.    I comment on 15 different posts 2+ sentences long / genuine replies only
3.    I reply to any/and all mentions & direct messages
4.    I start 10 conversations with new relevant accounts from IG stories
5.    I seek out 10-15 relevant new accounts to follow

Increased Facebook followers and engagement: https://www.facebook.com/shopzuvaa/
Social Media Management:                                      https://www.facebook.com/NewTechnology.LR/

Instagram Management:                                           https://www.instagram.com/eczemahoneyco/?hl=en

Instagram content creation:                                     https://bit.ly/2XbuhPj


Read our testimonials:                                             https://bit.ly/2V6HTJy